Saturday, September 10, 2011

Distinguishing Living, Natural Non-living, and Human-made Things (BFSU B-2)

Gerrick read...

Then I suggested we make a list of
Living/Biological Things and Non-living Things.

He didn't like that idea.  He suggested we make a card sorting game instead
so that he could do it again later with his daddy and "trick" him.  Excellent!

He is continuing to add new cards as he thinks of  more "tricky" things
(like snot, bark, and spider webs which are not alive but are biological
because they are part of, or produced by, a living thing and are made of cells.)

The next day we read and discussed:

Next week: Gravity
You can see all our BFSU activities here.

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  1. Very interesting. I really think that I need to make plans to do this same plan with Hunter after Pippin. He'd go crazy for it!

  2. Cute! I love when kids make up games--adults lose that sense of creativity, don't we? :(

  3. Sorry--it's me Jessica (apparently I'm signed in as Michael). It's like Cori being friends w/ herself on Facebook--an identity crisis. :)

  4. I just found your blog the otherday, I was just wondering what BFSU stands for?

  5. BFSU = Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding.

    See this page for more information:

    Welcome to Living and Learning, Jessica! :)

  6. Thanksyou:) We love sciency things here and I see several ideas forning:)

  7. that should be thankyou and forming....this is what happens when typing at 1.30am!

  8. we did an activity like this the other day, but only had living and non-living. we'll have to try it this way :-)

  9. so did yo decide is snot living or not ;-)

  10. What a fun game, great way to teach this concept!

  11. He is very smart as we know. The game he suggested is really interesting. His all activities are proved he is want to being mature very early.


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