Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Nuts and Bolts

I recently asked the Living and Learning facebook fans if there were any particular topics they would like to see me address on the blog. I had one response, from my friend Amy:
I'm always curious about the nuts and bolts of each homeschool family's day. How do you do what you do? How are the workboxes going? Do you all like the Ambleside reading list?
Yes, we do like the Ambleside reading list; I wrote a little about that on Sunday.  Gerrick particularly likes Fifty Famous Stories Retold and Our Island Story (which we listen to on LibriVox).  These books are well suited for a child who is generally interested in battle.

I thought I'd take pictures today to help give you a feel for how we do what we do.

We usually wake between 7:00-8:30, have breakfast, and do our own things until around 10:00 when we brush teeth and make beds.  Today Gerrick worked on a puzzle and played with his Star Wars toys.

We went to my room and got started on workboxes at 10:20.  We were done for lunch at 12:10.

We started with a prayer, practiced some verses, and read from The Child's Story Bible.

Next, I read a little poetry.

Then we talked a bit about even and odd numbers.

Afterwards, I read "Prince Darling" from The Blue Fairy Book.

(He is writing one thank you note a day for his Christmas gifts.)
He dictated what he wanted to write.  I wrote it down, and he copied onto the card.

He had a reading Treasure Hunt and read half of a library book.

I read a story from Fifty Famous Stories Retold.

He matched animal stickers to the appropriate animal name & tracks.
This is activity #2 from a tracking science kit he got for Christmas.

You may have noticed the stick in the last workbox that read "Nature Walk".
I use craft sticks for all the things that don't fit easily in a box. 
These are some other examples--anything on the computer or iPod, the wall map, etc.

Gerrick chose to make something for his daddy while I made lunch.

We ate, dressed for outside (the boy usually will wear nothing but lounge pants in the house), 
then headed out for our nature walk.

On the way back home, we stopped at the neighborhood playground and played with some cats.

 One of the cats followed us home.  Gerrick played in the backyard for another hour or so
 while I did some cleaning in the house.

When he came in, he changed back into his lounge pants.  
We had a snack, and I read a couple of chapters aloud of Peter Pan.
I started dinner and he played with his Star Wars toys until his daddy got home about 30 minutes later.
They roughhoused.
We ate dinner.
They played Angry Birds on the iPod.
I disappeared into the bedroom to make this post.
They are now reading books and getting Gerrick ready for bed.
And I am about to do the same.  Good night, friends.

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