Sunday, March 01, 2015

Year 6

July 2015-June 2016

This list will evolve through the year--things will be added, things will be deleted.  As usual, we like to have a solid plan to get us going, yet we always feel free to step off the main path to follow other interests as they arise or change things up if they aren't working. 

Reflecting on what has happened during his 5th-grade year, Gerrick has said that he wants more poetry teatimes and much more science in 6th grade. (This is a repeated pattern. Every year he asks for more science. Though I have always supported and encouraged his independent explorations by saying "yes" and signing him up for every science-related field trip that comes along, this year I MUST make more direct science instruction a priority!)



US History
The Civil War, Emancipation, Reconstruction

Independent Reading
This list indicates assigned books. Upon completion, these and all other books he chooses to read will be listed on his Library Thing.

Language Arts 

I'll be using The Writer's Jungle to help me be a better writing mentor.

The Arrow issues will be used for copywork and dictation and to aid in our focus on literary elements. 

We'll visit the Grammar Songs website as a reference, when needed, as well as Nitty Gritty Grammar.

We may try Word Roots.

We will increase our number of poetry teatimes with Read-Aloud Poems for Young People and a wide variety of other books.  

Independent Reading 
This list indicates assigned books that I think he will enjoy. I will be pre-reading each book so that I will easily be able to discuss them with him.  Upon completion, these and all other books he chooses to read will be listed on his Library Thing. (* denotes books that will be used with issues of The Arrow)
Daytime Read-Alouds
Bedtime Read-Alouds (Dad)

  • dedicated project time (majority of the day on Mondays)
  • Dance Mat Typing
  • gymnastics class (weekly)
  • pottery classes, continued (as requested)
  • park days and playdates (usually at least 1x/week)
  • Youngzine--a child-centered website that provides articles, images, and videos about world news, science and technology, society and arts, movies, and books.
  • 2-3 summer day camps of interest