Sunday, May 25, 2014

Year 5

The plan for Gerrick's 5th grade year has been developed with a great deal of respect for his interests and input (lots of science, history, and good books; some interesting math; spelling; and no cursive handwriting, foreign language, music, typing, or coding at this time).  This list will evolve through the year--things will be added, things will be deleted.  As usual, we like to have a solid plan to get us going, yet we always feel free to step off the main path to follow other interests as they arise.


R.E.A.L. Sciency Odyssey Biology 2
and a variety of related books and materials


US History
Revolution & Independence, The Civil War & Slavery


Independent Reading (assigned):


Reading, Poetry, & Literature  

All books he reads will continue to be listed on his LibraryThing.  In addition to the historical fiction and science-related books listed above as independent reading, he will also be assigned The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (unabridged).


Daytime Read-Alouds (I will most likely not read all of these this year, but whenever we finish a book we will choose another from this list.)
Bedtime Read-Alouds (Dad)


Misc. Wellness and other

I found most of the history book choices through The Best Children's, a great website that has books sorted by subject and age range.  Most of the read-aloud literature selections are Ambleside Online suggestions for Year 4 and Year 5, and many of the bedtime books were found in Jim Trelease's The Read-Aloud Handbook.